All RofoPay members will save up to .10 cents per gallon!

To upgrade to RofoPay, pick up a physical card at any one of our locations. Visit the profile section of your app or account and add your physical card. Fill out the information required in your “Upgrade to RofoPay’ form and hit submit. An email will arrive in your inbox letting you know if you are approved or if a few more steps are required. Once you receive the approval email, visit any Royal Farms, swipe your Rofo Rewards card, and select YES to pay to get your fuel discount!

Need to update your bank account information tied to your RofoPay or have a question about upgrading? Call 667-677-5581 or select ‘Update RofoPay Bank Account’ below!

*Please note, if you transferred your Rewards from our old program and had an existing active RofoPay account and card with us, no further action is needed. All your information has been transferred over from the old program.*